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Originally Posted by Needsdecaf View Post
This seat is improperly installed.

The base should fit flat against the seat. Right now, you've only got the front edge sitting against the seat. This is not a good thing.

Also, with the exception of a single layer of towel or a protective mat designed to be placed between the child seat and the vehicle's seat, you shouldn't have anything nearly as thick as what you have placed behind there.

Third, your seat is not tightened down enough. If it were, you would see the child seat pressing into the vehicle's seat cushion a LOT more than it is.

I don't mean to be harsh, just trying to keep your grandkids safe! problem and agreed and my bad as I had just transferred from our Escalade to the F10 and did not take the time to remove the headrest and "properly" secure the car seat.

We won't see our 3 year old grandson till this weekend so was just being lazy till I had more time.

Also I only use the Sunshine Kids Ultra Mat and nothing else between car seat and seat.

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