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Originally Posted by highyo View Post
i guess i should have been more specific. i am having a baby in June. i think i will be needing a convertible seat or one of those seats that has the base which stays. as you can tell, i am a newbie, first kid..
Well, there are advantages to both. I'll give you kind of a synopsis:

Detachable base seat. Selling point: versatility. You can buy one seat, two bases. The seat can snap into a variety of strollers, and you can take the seat out of the car with the kid in it. Very handy. We have taken / do take our kids everywhere in it. Throw it in a shopping cart, throw it in a booth at the restaurant, etc. If you have a fixed-base convertible seat, you cannot do this.

Fixed base convertible: selling point: longevity. You need one seat for each car. Trust me, you are not swapping the seat from car to car. But it can be used from birth until about 4.5 to 5 years old, if so desired. You can then go right to a BPS (belt positioning booster) and save yourself some dough. Otherwise you need to buy two fixed base seats AND a detachable base seat. Another con with this seat is that rearward facing, it's about as big as you can get.

For me, since you only have one kid, I'd buy a tote-around detachable seat like the Graco Safe Seat or Snug ride, or another system like that. I have the Safe seat and would not buy it again only as it is a tad on the wide side. But I won't ever be buying one again so that's neither here nor there. When we had one kid, we had it installed in the middle rear, so that it fit between the two front seats. That way it won't impact front seat legroom. Right now, we cannot use our Volvo as we have the rear-facing seat behind the passenger seat, and there is no legroom in front...and this is a WAGON.

With the multi-contour seats, you may be in better luck if you decide to install behind one of the seats, as you can tilt the top forward.
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