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Originally Posted by kubi View Post
I just did my rear shock today. Because of the same reason that self-locking nut on the center shaft of shock can not be tightened, my shocks are all moving up and down. A lot of noise. What is the best way to make them tightened. I can not hold the center shaft/rod because it is too slippery. I do not want to clamp it because i do not want to damage it. The instructions says do not use torque on the nut.

What should I do?

My guess is there are more parts should be going in between, mount and the upper plate. Such as collar-nut and washer gasket, spacer/shim etc....

My car is 2002 330ci convertible.

Did it by using a vise grip to hold the top of the shaft. I used some extra washers to make it easy. Now it works great.

Hint for convertibles - to reach to the top bolts you need to open the top half and hold it there.
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