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I read about all the s**t that has been going on with some these SC manufactured cars; spontaneously setting ablaze then burning to a crisp, for no apparent reasons. I didn't trust the reliabilty of this X5 and still don't I don't want to travel and sit all day waiting at dealership for a repair which isn't any repair. The loaner car I was given was some 3XXX X model with rear wheel drive. I have a steep, and right now icy driveway, and any rear wheel drive is absolutely useless. (I've been dealing with this driveway now for about 20 years, know all to well that I'd need a tow truck to get off of it with any rear wheel drive car. And that assumes I can get a tow truck in this weather.) A brand new car that proved defective within a month's time and wasn't 'fixable' in 2 attempts is a *Lemon*. My previous (also leased) cars were a 2007 X5 and three different 4Runner Ltds, no problems whatsoevet. The Toyota staff were friendly and a pleasure to deal with. My BMW dealer puts on that act like he's doing me a grteat big favor in just looking at me. With a 4Runner I can engage 4 wheel drive in addition to low gear at will. I don't have to trust my cars 'decisions' on this. I should have gone back to a 4Runner to begin with (even with all of Toyota's problems). In winter time all my 4Runners navigated better on my ice patched than did my previous X5. Invoking the Lemon Law would have provided the excellent opportunity to rid myself of any X5.
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