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Its always hard to tell if these posts are serious or not.. In reality, neither car is a good idea. I say this as a 22 year old that would have eaten my own fist to own an e46 M3 at the age of 16, hell, I might still today if the offer was in front of me Not that the cars are too much too handle, because any car is controllable, what is unsure in this equations is the driver, you. Being young, you (and many others in this position) are going to be tempted to push the limits at innapropriate times, namely in street/regular driving situations. Young + fast cars more often then not turn into bad situations, nobody expects bad stuff to happen until it does. I consider myself a pretty resposnible young adult, and looking back at it now I'm surprised I didn't die driving the M5 at 18 (which I did buy myself, and I DO think that makes a difference).

Now that my babbling is done, I would say get an M3. If you're parents are footing the bill, go big! It may not be as quick as a modded 135i, but its still an //M
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