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Originally Posted by cwsqbm View Post
Being able to drive on the track, and being responsible enough not to use that speed on the street are two different things.
I agree. On the other hand if the OP has some training he might not die. I doubt there is anything we can say here that will stop him from getting an M car.

The driver of the Lambo that went flew off the 101 a few years back was a relative of mine.
Highway patrol came knocking on the parents door very early that morning. Family was devastated. Michael only had the car a few days. Family didn't' even know he'd leased it.

I flew out from Atlanta a few days after the crash. Drove out to Calibasis with my parents to sit shiva. Skid marks were plainly visible on the 101. Everyone saw them. No one said anything.

I've never told the family but he might have lived if he had known how to drive the car. Maybe not. There wasn't a run off area. Instead there was a 30 foot drop. If he'd been on a track he almost certainly would have walked away.

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