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Originally Posted by teagueAMX View Post
Rolf-Dieter, we Americans are a great people, but our economic expansion and industrialization beginning in the late 1800's and particularly following WWII, caused us to be somewhat myopic, as we tend not to look very far past our boarders. That's changing now, of course, but not because we want to but because the world out there is passing us by.

As far as Canadian wine is concern, isn't Canada very cold, has a lot of snow and that why you need Mounties, right?! (Sorry couldn't help myself.) I'm sure you've noticed how we think, and I must say that Canada has been a exceptional neighbor.

For years, Californian business promoted Napa Sonoma wines as the better tasting alternative to the other kind of wine, French. Not much was ever mentioned about any other national variety, and this I know because my grandfather and his Italian relatives stomped their own grapes and made some pretty good wine, both here and abroad. Quite honestly, I don't think my family's wine was any match for Napa Sonoma or Canadian wines, but you understand my point.

Enjoy your wines, and someday may I have the opportunity to share a bottle of Vino with you, Rolf-Dieter.


I have many American friends (from my working life and to this end have travelled extensively in your fine country). Further I am forever thankful to Americans for liberating us from evil in the 1940s.(a time when I was just a child). It is my strong believe that many people are alive today (including myself) for the sacrifices so many of your countries people have made.

It is quite true what you say about the "borders" I think we Canadians may also be at fault here. I am reminded of the Jay Leno show when one of Jay's "Street walking" questions was "What are our neighbours to the north and south? the answer was "Europe and Australia" I never laughed as hard as during that episode

Yes Canada is indeed cold more so the further one goes up north. Then it also gets very hot in the summer time. Many people have the wrong idea about our country, I am reminded during my working life when my American business associates always asked what clothing was required when they came up to see us. Some asked "do I need a winter parker?" it was June or July and our temperature was in the mid 70s F.

I like wine from all over the world and do enjoy a glass of red every evening. My humble wine cellar has a variety of wines. In one of the Napa wineries I meet a lady that so loved my Z4 that she asked "are you married?" when I told her "yes" she said "no problem we get rid of your wife" both my daughter and I had a good laugh. We purchased some fine wine from her and a map of the Napa Valley, the map has a permanent place in my family room (she never charged us for the map). As a youngster I may have meet your Grandfather when we toured Italy on our bikes, I do remember seeing several wineries where it was tradition for the ladies to stamp the grapes with there feet while we enjoyed some wine and cheese.

It be a pleasure to share a fine bottle of wine with you some day



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