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Originally Posted by ard View Post
1. Your post shows an amazing ignorance about your car and the problems you had.... I've never of BMW declaring a car 'unfixable' for a single check engine light. Could happen I suppose, but it would seem there would be a lot more in between "light" and "junk"...just saying.

2. Your post shows an amazing ignorance at how the legal system and attorneys work... OF COURSE he will take the case at no charge and make BMW pay all HIS fees. All that will happen is you will get the car replaced, and he will get his fees paid. Without an attorney you will get your car replaced... the difference in the two scenarios? An attorney makes money.
"Amazing ignorance", I'll let others decide whose post shows more. If the LLaw is applied to a car, its owner has TWO choices, (ONE) having it replaced and (TWO) having every penny paid into that car refunded to you. That's what I was told by the Lemon lawyer I touched base with. However, maybe he too is amazingly ignorant about the law, but I can't say. However, I am smart enough not to call him out on it in your terms. I was also smart enough to be able to pay to raise and educate my sons, one of who is a Corporate Attorney. I've learned to let Lawyers interpret the law and I humbly suggest that you do the same.
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