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Originally Posted by Onnastick View Post
I have a 2011 x35i and started having the same problem as the OP (I think) around 4000 miles. I am now around 8 or 9000 and the problem has not gone away. I have brought it to the dealership twice, and both times they found "Fault 3227 for DMTL Line Disconnection" (copied that from service dep't paperwork). They claim after further investigation that each time, the fault was incorrect, meaning all related lines/grounds etc checked out fine, and that this appears to be a possible false positive.

The CEL has come on around 5 times in the last 2 months, seems to stay on for a few days at a time (unless the dealership clears the fault), and goes back off for a few days or couple weeks. The latest I heard is that PUMA told the techs they have made this complaint a top priority and would get back to the techs ASAP with a fix. However, it's been a couple months and no one has called, and the CEL periodically comes on as it's been doing.

As it stands, I am hoping to hear something soon. If I check with my own OBD-II while the CEL is on, it shows up as code P2400, and this is the only info I could find out about it:

"Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit/Open"

Appreciate any useful advice offered!
When my CEL appeared, it stayed on and this happened twice. The first time the dealer's techs re-set things turning it off. In short order it went right back on and remained on regardless of how and when the car was used. While the CEL was on (the second time around) the dealer's techs worked on the car along with remote assistance by engineers at BMW. Still, nada, they acknowledged a problem existed that they didn't know how to fix. A Lemon Law Attorney told me that from a legal stand point an inability to fix translates as a "refusal to fix". My 2011 X5 was really brand new, having only about 400 miles on it. I can't see how old your car is (but only "around 5 times in the last 2 months"). If this was going on with me, I'd touch base with a Lemon Law Attorney to learn my rights, as your dealer doesn't appear to be serving your rights. I had a huge problem with a Chevy about 40 years ago, there being no recourse, I traded it for another car, accepting a huge loss.
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