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Originally Posted by Rottieman View Post
"Amazing ignorance", I'll let others decide whose post shows more. If the LLaw is applied to a car, its owner has TWO choices, (ONE) having it replaced and (TWO) having every penny paid into that car refunded to you. That's what I was told by the Lemon lawyer I touched base with. However, maybe he too is amazingly ignorant about the law, but I can't say. However, I am smart enough not to call him out on it in your terms. I was also smart enough to be able to pay to raise and educate my sons, one of who is a Corporate Attorney. I've learned to let Lawyers interpret the law and I humbly suggest that you do the same.
"touching base" with a lemon law attorney, and having a case adjudicated are just slightly different things.

I'd say on a verbal consult the lemon law attorney was not amazing ignorant, but probably "predictably disingenuous".

Like I said, a 'CEL' is not the 'fault'. The fault is the code that set the light. If you have 10 different codes and the dealer fixes it each time and it never recurs (and he doesn't keep the car for whatever the time limit is in your state) it is not a lemon law case.
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