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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Some of the open questions that remain to be answered are:

For completeness & accuracy:
Q: What else is missing from the sum total of suspected parts?
Q: What needs to be fixed in the flow chart diagnostic procedure?

And ... for diagnostic purposes:
Q: How do you test the CMP (cam shaft position sensor)?
Q: How do you test the CKP (crank shaft position sensor)?
Q: Is there a test for the post-cat oxygen sensor?
Q: How do you test the fuel system delivery?
Q: How do you test the ICV (idle control valve)?
Q: How do you test the VCG (valve cover gasket)?
Q: How do you test the TPS (throttle position sensor)?
the cam position sensor will set a fault so you know its bad. the crank sensor will set a fault and 9 times out of 10 the car won't start. the best way to test a pot cat o2 sensor is to read it with a scanner if it moves around or reads anything other than lean it or your cat is bad. to test the fuel delivery system you need a fuel gauge ther is a fitting on the fuel rail. the icv is alittle tough to diagnose but alot of time it will set a fault for the mass air flow sensor and a bad mass air flow can set a fault for the icv. if the vcg is suspect spray carb cleaner around it the idle will jump if thers aleak.

i hope all of this helps
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