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Originally Posted by ard View Post
When the DME detects an error condition- this can be an absolute failure of a sensor or module, or it can be a combination of operating parameters that the DME determines to be outside the operating range, it sets a code in memory. It ALSO sets the CEL light. (Sometimes a code which is not an emissions failure can be set and the CEL does not come on. And after a certain number of starts with no new codes present, the CEL goes off. The code still sits in memory.)

Like I said, there are hundreds of errors and failures and issues that will cause the DME to turn on the light.

The light itself is NOT a defect. It is indicative of some other fault. The reason this matters, for a lemon claim, is that most states require the same failure to recur

Naturally, but whatever failure there is/was didn't have to "recur". It was evidenced there continuously. And both some BMW engineers and my dealer's service department working together couldn't determine was at fault. "Amazingly igonrant", I suppose.

Good news for you is after you are done with this car, you'll never have to worry about dealing with BMW again. Best of luck

How many times are we to re-hash this same story??? Why am I to be concerned with the reason for the CEL? (It didn't have to recur as it was there present and showing all the time.) The reason for any of this is someone else's area of expertise and it's their problem and not mine. If I were a Surgeon, is BMW expected to deal with any Warning Indication I might experience while carrying out my obligations in the OR? Why bug me with any of BMW's s**t? The fact that you are doing so clearly identifies the amazingly stupid one.

The bottom line is that BMW and the dealer service department also have to be amazingly stupid since they re-built another car rather than being capable of fixing mine (and it was brand new)! I don't believe they would have acted as they did if there wasn't a Lemon Law and Lemon Law Lawyers. When I uttered the word *lawyer* during a conversation with a manager at my dealership, he threw a hissy-fit. Auto dealers with their sales people have gone out of their way earning their widely known reputations.

I'm not as certain as you seem to be that I'll "never have to worry about dealing with BMW again". That's based upon an assumption and science doesn't run on assumptions.
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