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Originally Posted by Penguin View Post
A valid point, but if I were a BMW technician and went to a surgeon with a pain in my side, for whic he proposed an operation, I would probably want to know exactly what was wrong and precisely what he was planning to do in there, before I said "cut away," even if it wasn't my area of expertise.

But then again, I know some people who do take that approach with their doctors.
While I emphatically agree with what you wrote, and do the same, plus I'd additionally get consults from two other surgeons to see if they all agree. However all of this couldn't predict a Warning Light going off while a procedure is under way. And that's what we're dealing with here. Unanticapated events not built into the normal operational procedure occurred; now who is supposed to have to deal with it? A team of surgeons or some BMW personnel who don't know Jack###t about surgery?
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