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Originally Posted by robertobaggio20 View Post
Use part of your savings to purchase a brand new large coolant hose, the one that's next to all the blue labels in your picture. It burst for my car last year, after the intake was removed and the throttle body was hung down (correctly, not badly). So its a wear and tear item of sorts and you'll save yourself alot of hassle by changing that out right now for a new one.

You should also overhaul your starter since its out there. This mainly involves dismantling the mechanism and greasing its innards with fresh grease. Please google for proper writeups and pictures on this.

The starter can also be protected from degradation by wrapping it in some kind of heat resistant aluminium foil. Please google for this and if you find definitive information, please post it here as I'm considering that myself.

Do remember to clean out your idle control valve...again because its now easily accessible.

Since the lower portions of the engine are visible, it would be a good opportunity for you to clean the surface with engine degreaser, soap and lots of water.

I'm not sure if the vanos unit can be serviced diy. If so, do that as well.

If you've got a bosch alternator, and if you're on a roll over here, change out the voltage regulator and carbon brushes on it.

If your budget permits, change out belts, the water pump, thermostat, the fan clutch and the 2 coolant sensors on the cylinder head, in that order of priority (from highest to lowest.)

Of course, clean out that idle control valve, check your air hoses for cracks, get a new bleed screw and radiator cap, keep the old ones as spares (especially that bleed screw - keep it safe).

Do all of this and your car will love you long time. So, even if you had not budgeted for it, you might as well find the money, borrow if you have to, in order to do a complete job (or as much of one), once and for all, while its all laid bare.

And yes, please make sure you decarbonise your pistons using GM's top engine cleaner and a wire brush, if need be. This is time consuming slow work but you must do it.

p.s. Clean out your intake manifold's insides thoroughly with degreaser/carb cleaner.
Other than the stealer, where do I find that octopus looking water line? I've thought of creating my own with cooper angel and T valves.

The single vanos is serviceable, I could replace the inner O ring.

New cap is in order for it may have led to the slow coolant leak which placed me in this situation.

Will also decarbonize the piston heads. Just figuring on how to turn the crank without dislodging the chain on the lower spindle.

As for the alternator, do you have a source where I can find the voltage regulator and carbon brushes?

Intake manifold has already been cleaned and the TB is next.

I've thought of removing the injectors and sending them to get ultrasonically cleaned, tested and rebuilt (a few parts are replaceable) but I'll hold off on that expense for now since the car was running and idling perfect before all this occurred. The ICV will definitely be cleaned though.

Thanks for the tips Roberto!

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