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The usual parts shops like rockauto etc should have that octopussian coolant hose. It is a great idea to have it fact, i remember seeing a kind of wrap being sold on ebay that will do just that. Either get a new hose and wrap with that, or find a hose that's made of silicone. This hose should only cost around $50 oem.

Completely was the old head gasket when you took it off? If alright, then it should be a cracked head. A pressure test will reveal that as well. Unless the crack is very obvious (it rarely is), that would be something that you need to do.

Yes the silver looking thing in the picture is the idle control valve. The starter is behind that, further towards the back of the engine, and is dark in colour. Please look up how it can be serviced.

Alternator's parts...the online fellas, ebay, etc. You've gotta search for this, I failed to save my research properly. TTCummins, a member here, will be able to help you probably if you pm him. His replies on this subject :

Hold off on the injectors (although it was a nice idea....good thinking !). If your car was idling fine, there's no need to spend money and get them cleaned ultrasonically, and deprive yourself of resources for the rest of the jobs listed above. However, you can do it at home yourself using carb cleaner and a switch mechanism that can be bought for a few bucks at a hardware shop. Please see :

Ultrasonic cleaner....ttcummins used one of those ultrasonic jewelery cleaners sold on ebay to clean injectors which he sent me later for shipping. Such a nice dude. So you can also do that if you wish. Very effective...have not had any problems with the injectors. But the injectors themselves are lower priority affairs because its not hard to remove the fuel rail etc and get at them to clean if you run into problems in future.

Switch in a new fuel pressure regulator if you can get it cheap, like for $20. Doubtful if you can. Switch in a lower rated fpr for significantly improved fuel economy, if you can find such a regulator. The current one is rated 3.5bars, get a 3.0 bar one. You can always do this later.

Change out to newer fuel hoses in the engine bay if your budget permits. New hoses always look so purty.

There's practically no limit to this if you want to take it all the way. Try to change, overhaul or service all the stuff for which the preparatory work has already been done for those.

Oh yeah.....CHANGE THE CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR - GET A NEW ONE ONLY $60 ON EBAY. Sorry for the caps, pissed at myself for forgetting the obvious. Keep the old sensor as a working spare. Unplug all switches, clean them out with wd40 (both the input and output end of each switch) and plug them back in again.

Considering all the expense, you might as well get yourself a new fuel pump. $60 shipped on ebay....non oem is fine. New relays for the o2 sensor, dme and fuel pump too. Keep the old ones as working spares.

Your car will certainly love you long time after all this.
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