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Shipping on a cylinder head....are we talking like 50 lbs? Rick, it may not be a bad deal at all, at around $190 for shipping when paid online at USPS, and would be a prime example of the camaraderie that's so wonderful about this forum. LD, do you have a spare NV exhaust cam for our friend too? Start looking for one please, he needs to hot cam his car (assuming of course that you're not going to use said cam for your car anytime soon).

Rick, please clean out your injectors using the makeshift kit in that video. It won't take you more than 30 minutes to construct and you'll only spend around 5 minutes per you're looking at 60-90 minutes max. Doesn't matter if you don't have an ultrasonic bath...after carb cleaning and backflushing, simply immerse all 6 injectors in a bath of denatured or rubbing alcohol and leave it that way until you need to reinstall. Yes, let it sit there for a few days. Agitate the bath from time to time to shake dirt loose. No schedule required, just whenever you happen to be passing by the bath.

Great news on that coolant and fuel hoses. Regardless, reinforce the portions where the coolant hose joins something, with self sealing silicone insulating tape (3M's version is a very safe bet) or wrap some steel braiding if such a kit is available.

My suggestions as to your procedure that I would adopt here in declining order of priority and budget allocation : whatever's related to your cylinder head, then followed by the hot cam, after which the key essentials such as alternator, starter, ICV, thermostat, water pump and CRANK SENSOR (please get a new one), vanos seal and engine belts, then the decarbonisation and derusting of your engine block, and finally followed by the fuel pump, the various relays and the two main radiator hoses.

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