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Originally Posted by RJ View Post
Sorry to hear about your mishap.

I am always worried that I will someday make this mistake. Soon after I got my vehicle, I stopped to fill up at a (older) Shell gas station. As I carefully looked for the diesel pump, and put the nozel in the tank, for some reason the pump motor would not come on. I finally went in to the cashier and she said that she had noticed me pull up to the pump and switched off the power as she thought that surely a BMW would take premium fuel and I was going to mis-fuel my vehicle. I assured her my car was a diesel and I did indeed need to fuel it up with diesel. She told me that many people make a mistake as that pump was the most used pump by people passing through on that highway. I thanked her being so vigilant.

I have made a point that when in town we use two seperate gas stations for fueling our two different vehicles, one takes premium and one is a diesel. My wife does not like to fuel the car also helps. The 325i we fill at Costco, and they do not sell diesel. The X5 which I drive, I fill it up at a Shell station. That way we will avoid making a mistake with the wrong fuel. One time when I was away from home for a few weeks and she was forced to go to get gas, she went to a full service station to get refueled.
I fill my subaru up a K-mart because they have no ethanol in their gas. I fill up the X at the Petro truck stop because the trucks keep the fuel fresh and it doesn't contain any biodiesel.
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