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Originally Posted by 03BMW330 View Post
I am according to article from that should never happened. I don't have my car yet, but will definitely test this. Maybe there is defect or device is easy to "fool".

"Some new diesel cars make it virtually impossible to fill up with gasoline. Since BMW launched its clean-diesel 335d and X5 models in the U.S. last year, they have all been fitted with a standard "mis-fueling protection device."

BMW's prevention device is a special mechanism in the filler neck that requires the larger-diameter diesel nozzle to trigger a mechanism that unlocks to open a flap to permit fueling. Hoses for unleaded gasoline have a smaller diameter, and and cannot trip the catch that operates the device.
yup...unless the dealer gives you a "Diesel Misfueling Protection Bypass Adapter " .....
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