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Shipping on a cylinder head....are we talking like 50 lbs? Rick, it may not be a bad deal at all, at around $190 for shipping when paid online at USPS, and would be a prime example of the camaraderie that's so wonderful about this forum. LD, do you have a spare NV exhaust cam for our friend too? Start looking for one please, he needs to hot cam his car (assuming of course that you're not going to use said cam for your car anytime soon).

One of the main reasons I decided to keep this car is because of what you stated, "prime example of the camaraderie that's so wonderful about this forum". I really do appreciate your help and everyone elses.

Will consider the injector cleaing you menitoned.
(Lowering voice to a whisper) Just had a wild idea. Do you think, if i play real nice, that I'll be able to trade the fuel injectors i once received from ttcummins all the way up to bmwjen's rhinestone-studded cowgirl 540i ? Y'know, like the guy who started with a paperclip and then traded himself up to a house in canada? lolol. Its still a great read after all these years :

Hotlilly, you listening?
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