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Rick...i'm sorry to tell you this. I had a no start situation last friday. The car cranked but did not fire up. It got mysteriously resolved about 5 minutes later. I've been driving with no problems ever since. I pulled the codes on my car a short while ago via carsoft.....and the news is not good. Please see attached.

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Yes, CAMshaft sensor. **** this man.

I've bought a new cam sensor and will be fixing it up soon.

My advise to you now is as follows, considering that cash needs to be conserved. The cam sensor is in an even more awkward position than the crank sensor as it is threaded through a metal loop thing fastened to the vanos unit. It is the uber bitch to change out and is too short to reroute anywhere. You absolutely must do this right now while everything has been dismantled. It doesn't matter if it ohms out good.....change it, and to a brand new one.

The CRank sensor....follow what I suggested earlier and merely loop it out to the dipstick area and cable tie it there for easy access in future. You can change it out down the road fairly easily thereafter.

Here's a picture of how the looped crank sensor looks on my car. The cable tie was looped through the crank sensor's harness connector's wire clasp (i actually pulled that sentence off correctly jesus). The arrow is pointing to the sensor...the harness connector is behind it and can't be seen in the picture.

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Keep all the used sensors you've changed out as working spares.

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