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Rick, a suggestion that helps me alot in situations similar to this. Make a written list of all the things that you have to do, no matter how minor. Group the actions into appropriate categories and connect each group to the other via time-based sequence of activity. Tick off the items on the list as you go through it at each appropriate stage. Take note of items that you can KIV safely if you run short of resources (time/cash/assistance/energy).

The reason is not so that you won't forget something. This helps you remember stuff. I may have 10 things in my head before I start on my list, but by the time I've finished writing it all down, I think of another 6-7 items....the process of writing things down stimulates the mind in such a my list grows to nearly 70% larger than I had originally assumed, but at least I've not forgotten anything I might regret not remembering later.

Its best to do this in a bound notebook of sorts instead of loose scraps of paper...a lesson learnt from experience.

Good luck and if you can manage them yes yes yes pictures pictures pictures please sir remember clear sharp well lit shots reshoot them if its not good enough !

I'm sure its your head gasket. Start sourcing for a hot cam.

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