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EDC = Continuous Electronic suspension Dampening Control for safety & ride comfort (see EDC-K, S-EDC)
EDC-K = Comfort programming of the electronic suspension damping control (see EDC)
S-EDC = Sport (i.e., strictly performance oriented tuning) of the electronic suspension damping control (see EDC)

PAO = polyalphaolephin, i.e., true synthetic, aka fully synthetic based motor oil (see diesters)
Diesters = true synthetic, aka fully synthetic based motor oil (see PAO)

Wrap = paint or vinyl covering on your BMW usually for racing looks (see wrapped)
Wrapped = paint or vinyl covering on your BMW usually for racing looks (see wrap)

Techron = poly ether amines, aka PEA, a detergent for use in non-aqueous systems
CCT = camshaft chain tensioner (aka cam chain tensioner)
DISA = DIfferenzierte SAuganlage - "Differential Air Intake"
... the DISA valve does not change the length of the intake system on the six-cylinder engines from the M52TU onwards - its function is to be open at low speeds, so feeding all six intake pipes together. At mid-range speeds it closes, separating the front and rear groups of three cylinders from each other. At higher speeds it opens again, joining the cylinder groups together. It therefore acts like a massive balance pipe which can be closed when required. The effect of this is to give more mid-range torque without interfering with bottom and top-end torque
DME = Digitale Motor Electronik
ETK = Electronik Teile (parts) Katalog
EWS = Electronik Weg (away) Schutzen (protect)
ZKE = Zentral Korper (body) Electronik

Here are some from a VIN decoder explanation:
VIN long WBSHC91000GD62071 = Early car, #72 perhaps?
Type code HC91 = M5 3,8 Limo LHD Euro
Type M5 (ECE) = ECE means Euro
Dev. series E34 = Body code
Line 5 = 5 series
Body type LIM = Saloon in German
Steering LL = Left Hand Drive, or Links Lenkung in German (aka left hand steering)
Door count 4 = four doors
Engine S38 = Engine code
Cubical capacity 3.80 = Engine size, in liters
Power 255 = engine power, in KW
Transmision HECK = Rear wheel drive (drive system)
Gearbox MECH = Manual gearbox
Colour GRANITSILBER METALLIC (237) = Body color has Diamantschwarz contrast color
Upholstery ANTHRAZIT STOFF M5 (0475) = Amaretta Antracit interior
Upholstery SCHWARZ/BLACK VOLLEDER = full leather, also door panels, center console and dash up to the wood is leather, not plastic
Prod. date 1991-12-12 = Date the car was built
Order options
No. Description
216 SERVOTRONIC = Easier power steering connected to the Nrburgring chassi unlike other E34 with 216
339 SATIN CHROME = Shadowline
354 GREEN STRIPE WINDSCREEN = The top of the windscreen has a green strip
423 FLOOR MATS, VELOUR = velour floor mats
661 BMW BAV. CASS. III = Tape stereo
676 HIFI LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM = HIFI Speakers, inside of the rear view mirrors
686 DIVERSITY-FUNCTION AERIAL = Rear window antenna
781 LM Rad 9Jx17 auf Hinterachse = Wider rear wheels with 255/40 tires
782 NUERBURGRING-FAHRWERKSPAKET - Nrburgring chassi on 5 speed 3,8 with 781 and 216
818 MAIN BATTERY SWITCH = removed after delivered from factory to dealer, for transport only

And here is the German to English translation of the VIN decode:
Fahrzeugangaben = Vehicle information
Fahrgestellnummer ZBAHE68070BE48282 = VIN long ZBAHE68070BE48282
Typ-Code HE68 = Type code HE68
Typ 540I (ZAF) = Type 540I (ZAF)
E-Baureihe E34 () = Dev. series E34 ()
Baureihe 5 = Line 5
Bauart LIM = Body type LIM (i.e., saloon)
Lenkung RL (right hand drive) = Steering RL right hand drive
Türen 4 = Door count 4
Motor M60/2 = Engine M60/2
Hubraum 4.00 = Cubical capacity 4.00 liters
Leistung 210 = Power 210 KW
Antrieb HECK = Transmision HECK / rear wheel drive
Getriebe AUT = Gearbox automatic
Farbe NICHT VORHANDEN ( *) = Colour no info available)
Polsterung nicht gemeldet ( *) = Upholstery (not reported)
Prod.-Datum 1993-11-18 = Prod. date 11/18/1993

heckscheibe = rear window

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