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Originally Posted by armando95 View Post
Did you listen to the video in the link in my post on the previous page (reply #10)?

I agree with the "tolerable but a bit loud to be acceptable" description you gave. It really is pretty loud, I noticed it more today. It kind of blends in with the engine sound but not 100%, it goes above it.
Yes, I listened to the video before responding. The OP description + noise in the video + the noise my wife's 328xi all appear to be one in the same.

I understand exactly what you mean about blending in with engine rpm sound but goes above it.

That is what confuses me. I still cannot figure if it is coming from engine, transfer case or transmission. It very much sounds like a gear whine for sure.

I am going to mention it & snoop around for answers during my first service visit, but it is a long way off.

My honest feeling was that the wife's 328xi was probably not the only one doing it, and now that appears to be confirmed.
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