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that shows someone crashing their E36
That would be me, let me see if I can answer some of your comments/questions.

I only see one hand on the steering wheel, bad hand positioning.
Both were on the wheel, you just can't see it from the narrow camera lense

Yup, and if he had done his recon laps, he would have noticed those tires.
This is my home track, I know it quite well.

using slicks AFAI can tell from the photos.
They are Kumho Ecsta V700 (R-comp rain tires). Plus the track was almost dry

Don't mean to fault the instructor, and don't want to assume anything, but this guy seemed like he was relatively new to this
He was not an instructor, just a friend along for a ride.

I can't believe that he repeatedly lets loose of the wheel and lets it spin back to recenter it, has to correct for it, and the instuctor never says a thing about it!
In lower speed corners, driving a car with as much caster as an M3, you often cannot correct as fast as the wheel will on its own. Not to say it should be done to correct in most situations, but it can be effective in SOME situations. Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert, but this has been taught to me by some VERY experienced, even professional race drivers. This is, obviously, much more useful and applicable to autocross.

Moving on, I think this thread is a great idea. Hopefuly some of you can learn something from this, I know I have. But it is nearly impossible to make a conclusive accedent analyis from an in-car tape. I didn't realize this till it happened to me. I watched the tape 10 min after the wreck and there is so much it doesn't tell I wouldnt know where to begin, especially to someone who has never driven Hallett.

I also admit there were things I could have done better, quicker, and faster, but I was only driving at 8 or 9/10ths. But $hit can and will happen. I chalk it up to experience and will be back at it ASAP.
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