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Originally Posted by m3lieb
That would be me, let me see if I can answer some of your comments/questions.

Hopefuly some of you can learn something from this, I know I have. But it is nearly impossible to make a conclusive accedent analyis from an in-car tape. I didn't realize this till it happened to me. I watched the tape 10 min after the wreck and there is so much it doesn't tell I wouldnt know where to begin, especially to someone who has never driven Hallett.

I also admit there were things I could have done better, quicker, and faster, but I was only driving at 8 or 9/10ths. But $hit can and will happen. I chalk it up to experience and will be back at it ASAP.
Ok, maybe there is more to know that what the tape shows.

But please don't take any of our input in a negative way, no matter how hard that might be. Just be open to it so you can learn from it. Even if you don't agree with all of our comments, just file them away in your brain anyway because they might help you.

As far as the tape goes, we *can* tell what you were doing with the gas pedal, the steering wheel and clutch/shifter, so that offers pretty good "impartial" insight. We can't see inside your head as to what other things were going on, but it's not really relevant as to what caused the spin.

FWIW, I think you trusted the rear end far too much on a drying track, and when it snapped, you weren't ready for it. It's not a matter of reacting faster, it's a matter of *anticipating* what happens when you shift mid-corner as your speeds started getting higher. That's what you ought to take from it.


Again, I'm NOT ripping on you. I've wrecked before... and if I had a camera on it, I'd be one of the subjects here too. I hope you understand what caused the wreck and make the appropriate mental adjustments next time out.

PS -- How's the car coming along? It all repaired yet?
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