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99 740iL - Rebuild or replace engine

I have a 1999 BMW 740IL with a ruined engine (130k miles on the car).
BMW Technician said the engine couldnt even be used to rebuild.
everything but the engine looks new.

I got this car for free, and I have 5k-6k to mess around with,
and I have enough income to drop more on this later.

I cant find any rebuilt engines online that will work, nor can I find an
approximate price range.
Lastly, is there a way to fit a stronger v8 in here (say like from an m5)?

I'd hate to think my only option is buying a used engine and having that one
break down on me, and if I'm going to spend 4 digits, why not spend a little more
if a smarter option is available..

Thanks again guys.
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