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Dude, you've save my ass.

1. I don't have the key for the boot (lost my master)
2. I took off the negative cable from the battery while I was working on my car
3. while working on the car, it started raining so I closed the boot
4. without power I could not open the boot

So I took your advice on the 9V and got my self a battery and a couple of wires to wire up via the cig lighter plug. At first it wouldn't work because I didn't know which is positive and which is negative in the cig lighter plug, but got it working eventually.

**** started to light up (ie. security led and something else) and so I quickly jumped out (just in case I ran out of power due to the system draining it) of driver seat and open up the boot and pause for a moment thinking to myself that I will never ever close the boot again with the battery disconnected.

It's one of those stupid thing where you don't have access to the jump starter battery or friends that could help out with spare batteries etc.

Thanks again.

Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
If you supply power (12v) to the pos & neg jump start locations under the can remove the battery entirely from the car and use any of the electrical components.

Even if you supply 9volts to the cig can undo the battery and not loose any of your car's setting.
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