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Originally Posted by iwanna330cic View Post
Again - pretty presumptuous of you. You are implying that I "landed" on a 328ix, and I did not. TEST DRIVING the car revealed a concern. I asked others if they have heard the same thing. The answer pretty much was yes. You need to rethink the way you present your response before typing it.

I agree with you Doug. Problem is, replies regarding your concerns are being made by enthusuiasts who have low tolerence for those posting brand flaws (real or percieved) and wanting to discuss them longer than one or two postings.

They are trying to tell you it is not so much a flaw as an acceptable characteristic of the model, and if you find it unacceptable, you should move on as not to be disappointed with the brand. All true enthusiasts are like this, no matter what brand loyalty is involved.

I did read a post by one BMW enthusiast who summed up the 3 series experience very well, IMO.

He said these cars are not the last word in reliability or mechanical / material refinement.
They are however the last word in driving refinement & all out driving fun. You buy it for the latter, not the former.

OK...easy enough to say & put into words....but does that make a whining drivetrain acceptable to you? (To me personally, it is not acceptable).

If it does not, an Acura might be in your future as you pointed out!

In closing, my wifes 2011 whining 3 series issue has not been addressed by her to date. She calls me while on the road just to tell me how much fun she is having with the car, thanking me for helping her make it happen!
She loves this car so much I won't rain on her parade. (Of course, so long as the whine is just a benign issue). I was going to mention this issue to the dealer during the first OFC....but as of now, not a priority.

When (if) the day comes she should bring it to my attention, I will have to refer her DTC 100 set her straight one enthusiasts to another (newbie) enthusiasts.
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