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Originally Posted by champaign777 View Post
COOL !!!!!!

will it fit 2001+ 525i/530i ???

there are no replacement for these years ,- or buy new DISA ( > $200 ) or buy some aftemarket o-ring with who knows quality

I am going to order from dealer and check !!!!

I am not sure as your DISA #11611440049 and 2001+ is #11617544805 so they may not match

Not 100% sure on that one. My production date is 4/2000 so it is only about 2 months away from being a 2001.

For $3-$7 you may just want to order it anyway and try it. I don't think they would change the diameter of the valve where the o-ring fits. The only change would probably be in the valve setup itself. If you are really concerned it may not fit just call the service department at your local BMW dealer service department and ask the service writer and if they don't know they will check with a tech. At least a good service writer will. lol
The parts department would possibly know as well, just not as good as the mechanic would.

Whatever the case please post back if you were able to get one from your dealership. It seems people do not beleive the OEM o-ring is availbale from dealer.
They just refer to the ebay o-ring for $12. lol

Originally Posted by 16valex View Post
I bet you your elbow boot is your culprit, you can't just tape it. Get a new one slap it in there and call it a day.

But you still have work to do to get your engine in ship shape!
Vanos seals
CCV system

I know. I ordered a new OEM boot from ebay a couple days ago, it should be here any day.

The electrical tape fix was just to get it close so the CEL would turn off and car would be able to pass inspection.

Still planned....VANOS seals and valve cover gasket, CCV and all related vacuum hoses, water pump, thermostat(real soon), fan clutch, new power steering fluid reservoir/filter, and whatever else that comes up.

Currently I have the belts and both tensioners and idler pulley(all gates brand) on the way from RockAuto.

Bought 2 qts Mobile 1 Synthetic ATF to do the power steering flush.Doing the easy flush (sucking out fluid in reservoir, driving, sucking out fluid in reservoir...from the DIY doing this four times will get most of the old fluid out and replace with new fluid).

My steering is hard to turn at idle and slow speeds, so bad it was like I had to almost flat tires on the front. Fluid that came out of reservoir was almost black, still had a redish tint, but really black.
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