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Originally Posted by Raimo View Post
Use a simple spring operated pressure relief valve that vents the crank case pressure to the atmosphere. It's a valve for 1/4" pipes and it's adj. for 0-8bar. The 1/4" size is not suitable for the ccv hoses, so i got a adapter and T-piece for bigger size (it was 1/2 if i remember correctly) and the it's nearly perfect. I adjusted it so I could push it open with my own breath.
Though the valve is small, I haven't had a problem with sludge/oil/water blocking the valve. It makes a funny buzzy sound so if the radio isn't too loud, you can hear it working and then i'll just ease off with the throttle.
You'll probably find in a store that sells pneumatic tools and accessories. If you search more, you probably could find a valve with a better smaller adj. range but there aren't many shops selling these in my area.

Here a picture of the valve itself:
How long has your fix been in use, does it work in very cold temperatures?
Where exactly did you slice the T connection in, am thinking the highest point?
Would you post a few pics of your install as reference for others.
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