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there is a very good write up for your car oil separator also called CCV
with pictures and diagram you have to use the right keywords to look it up

you will need it

I did not do the re route , I installed mine the normal way, but it was hard and almost
near impossible to hook up 1 simple hose.until you guess the proper tehnic.

now in you case is it possible to put an extension rubber hose

if you cant do it at all might as well take off the intake manifold as a last resort, its only an
6-8 hour job LOL, sucks doesn't it

again, look for that write up on the net, should take you 15 minutes to find it, its very detailed , my X5 is almost entirely different procedure

have someone help you look at it, I was so tired working on mine that my girlfriend who knows nothing about about cars suggested the solution that let me hook up the last impossible hose
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