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Thank you all for the very well presented posts. I test drove two more 328's this past week. Both of them had a hint of this whine, but both were much less than the first one I drove which lead to my original post.

I have been without a BMW for almost year after 4 years of driving a 3-series. I missed it more than I thought. So - I ordered a 2011 328i X-Drive Sportwagon. I realize the one I get might have more of this sound than I would prefer, but it also might have very little of it. The point really is that the car handles so well and just feels so right that I can get over it. Honestly, I listen to music or even talk radio nearly 100% of the time I drive anyway - - so it most likely won't bother me as much as I probably represented earlier in this thread. I really wanted to know if others heard it and if it is considered normal. My questions were answered, and now I just have to wait for mine to show up.

And - will be doing the performance center delivery too.

Thanks again, for the feedback.

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