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Originally Posted by deerobe View Post
Howdy folks, new member here.

I've browsed the threads looking for an old thread I read about the issue that I am now having, but couldn't find it again - I hope someone can help me here. I hope I'm not reopening an already discussed issue and apologize in advance if I am.

My '03 X5 had the dreaded oil separator issue for some time. I just found out about it (after a couple of years of the mechanics scratching their heads over why it was constantly blowing oil and much money spent changing gaskets).

It's usually warm in my part of Texas, but we recently had 10 degree weather here and my "service engine" light came on. I parked the car and the next day I started the car, which sputtered for a minute and conked out. It wouldn't start again (but turned over).

I had it towed to the shop I use and my mechanic said that there is NO compression in any cyclinders. He is not able to figure out why. He is a good mechanic and honest and he has used the usual testing methods to check it out.

If the person who posted this issue some time ago ever solved the problem he was having and reads this, could you please respond and help me direct my mechanic on what to do (or if someone else is able to help me, please do so).

I'm afraid that I will find out I need an engine rebuild. I would be up a creek if that happens because of being layed off

If I do need an engine rebuild (complete) how much should the range be? I am not very mechanically inclined and just want to know if a number I am given is a fair number that is within the realm of fair.

Thanks for any help from you all. I am very happy to find this site!
Given you live in Texas I would be surprised your problem is related to the oil separator freezing issue. While 10 degrees is cold for the area it's not typically associated with the oil separator freezing. Still I'm just a guy on a forum.

As for the lack of compression that is odd as well. Typically there will be some compression in a few of the cylinders.

Sorry I can't offer any advice to help you other than to take it to another mechanic who has more experience with this vehicle.
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