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Originally Posted by sergiok
You can't tell from the angle of the video clip if he earlied the apex of the turn or was simply carrying too much speed through the turn but he ended up dropping two wheels at the exit. Now, if he hadn't tried to get back on track so soon, he may have saved his car.

It's a classic error, you drop two wheels at the exit of a turn, fight to get the car back on track, as soon as you do, you get thrown to the inside of the turn. Unfortunately in this case, he tagged another car on track.

Lesson learned, drop two wheels, go straight off and re-enter only if you can get back on in a virtual straight line. More times than not though, if you have the run off, just drive straight off and of course, put two feet in. (SMG and slush boxes not apply)
Yeap, the differential in traction between the wheels on the right and left sides of the car often shoots you to the other side of the track. A lot of tracks you can see the tire marks going across the track at high speed corner track out points. Turn 6 comes to mind at Laguna Seca because of the tremenous amount of skid marks going across the track and the high number of cars that plow into the tire barrier on the inside after doing so.

In fact yours truly had a smiliar situation at turn 6 at Willow Springs, but in addition to the traction differential, my rear tire caught a high spot on the edge of the pavement accentuating the movement of the car across the track....luckily there was nothing to hit but I offroaded a good distance down a hill before I could get the car stopped.

It's a lesson that everyone gets taught in the classroom, but one which doesn't really sink in until you've been through it. I remember Carl McGinn (CCA chief instructor) saying how your car can snap across the track before you can blink an eye and I recall thinking...well OK Carl, but that sounds a little dramatic. But after experiencing it, I can tell you he is absolutely right.
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