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88 735i turns over won't start

I am at the end of my rope! after working to get this car street ready (brakes, window motors, drive shaft, water pump, fan clutch new a/c compressor, Bosch spark plugs, new wires, cap & rotor, new coil,new crankshaft position sensor, new oil & filter)) The car was running great and then out of no where it stalls out.
I can not get it to start. it cranks over and if I crank it long enough it sounds like it will almost start. There is fuel delivery and I pull a spark plug and it is getting spark. But when I pulled out all the spark plug they were soaked with fuel. They have only 200 miles on them. I blew off all the plugs and put back in and cranked the engine and no start. When I took out the plugs again they were soaked with fuel. It looks like the engine is getting flooded with fuel to the point I had to change the oil because it smell like fuel. I didn't want to ruin the starter so I haven't tried it again in fear it will fry the starter. The fuel filter is new but I am learning as I go here with this car so any help will be greatly appreciated.
The car has 180000 miles on it so I am assuming everything else is original on engine

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