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Originally Posted by bgbeemer View Post
I am at the end of my rope! after working to get this car street ready (brakes, window motors, drive shaft, water pump, fan clutch new a/c compressor, Bosch spark plugs, new wires, cap & rotor, new coil,new crankshaft position sensor, new oil & filter)) The car was running great and then out of no where it stalls out.
I can not get it to start. it cranks over and if I crank it long enough it sounds like it will almost start. So it must be getting spark. I didn't want to ruin the starter so I haven't tried it again in fear it will fry the starter. I thinking a fuel problem. The fuel filter is new but I am learning as I go here with this car so any help will be greatly appreciated.
The car has 180000 miles on it so I am assuming everything else is original on engine
When u turn ur keys and all the lights light up can u hear a fuel pump working? Not sure where it's located on the older 7 but usually u can hear it pumping from under the rear seat. 180000 miles and if it's original that's probably it too old and it's dead now so look into that I'm pretty sure that's ur fuel pump. Plus u said it was almost starting. That was probably one last breath of it. P.S when replacing make sure ur fuel gauge works properly. I had that problem with my old Audi back in a day 1989 Audi 5000 cd I didn't install the fuel pump correctly so my fuel gauge was always showing full
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