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Originally Posted by bgbeemer View Post
Thanks for the input but I started checking the fuel delivery and it is definitely getting fuel and it appears the engine is flooded I am learning as I go but what controls the fuel to the injectors. I took out the plugs and blew them dry and put back in and cranked the engine. took out the sames plugs and they look like they were sitting in fuel and I mean soaked. I took out spark number one and cranked the engine and got a good spark.
Well I hope all ur effort will pay off in the end and u will get that car up and running. And I hope it won't give u a lot of headache. I had a lot of problems with that 89 Audi I had it was my 1st car. I couldn't take it anymore problem after problem - sold it.
Put some pictures of ur ride.
Plus try to put this post in e38/ e65/e66 forum we have a lot of smart guys that can help and they know a lot bout cars so they might be able to help
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