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Originally Posted by Yorgi View Post
Well I have an electrical engineering background and I still managed to blow my battery.

My winter-stored M3 battery was fully discharged after my tender had died at some point during the winter. In an attempt at desulfation, I hooked up my large constant voltage charger (14V) directly to the battery and went inside. I set the oven timer for 1 hour.

When I opened the door to the garage I could smell the battery acid and knew right away I was in for a long night. Luckily BMW uses heavy duty epoxy paint in the battery well so there was only very minor acid damage.

I guess the vents on my battery were clogged because in theory, the hydrogen should not build up to the point where it can blow the battery. Let's just say I have a new appreciation for the power of hydrogen gas and sulfuric acid.
We can all make claim to some form of technical competency, but we still get caught out, that is also part of the learning process, which is why good people like yourself put there experience on here to help those who don't. As side point as a life learning lesson, during my apprenticeship I was replacing some new batteries which came in very tight cardboard boxes from which I could not get the battery out. Given the weight of them smarty me decided to up-end and use the weight to drop out of the box, forgetting about the vapour hole, thus sulphuric acid running into my lap and covering my jeans, working in a vicarage meant I could not blaspheme ......... at the age of 19 I thought my world would end, but alas the only thing to happen was the front of my jeans falling out as I climbed onto a bus, had some wonderful looks...........
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