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I can't ID the track either. No biggie.

Anyway, the guy wrecked at the exit of a right-left set of quick esses.

IMHO, he missed the apex of the right-hander, which put him wide on the exit of the right-hander and shallow on the entrance of the left-hander.

The result is yet another lesson we all should make sure we learn: Pushy loose. That's Nascar talk for snap oversteer at the exit caused by understeer either from 1) a bad line (like in this case) or simple understeer.

The driver was probably intent on catching the car in front, so when this bad line was taken, he decided to dial in some extra steering lock to compensate while not modulating the gas much if at all. The front end responded by turning more and that, coupled with the heavy throttle application, caused the rear to break loose suddenly and our poor subject to eat guardrail and grass.
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