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Originally Posted by mencomenx View Post
Hi Bimmers, I just bought my wife a 2011 X3 a month ago, but since then we've been back and forth to the dealer due to Oil level sensor malfunction. At first they said that the car battery does'nt have enough charge. It was ok for a week then we went back for the same problem but they cant diagnose it. so the service manager said that the most logical way to do is to replace the sensor....and so they did. A week after... same problem. I just wanna find out if u guys had the same issue with the new X3?

We purchased a new 2011 X3 less than one month ago (January 2011) and the car has been back to the dealer two times with an "oil sensor malfunction light". The first time they said they replaced the sensor. After driving the car a couple of days the light came back on. Back to the dealer, they kept the car for 8 days the second time stating that they needed a BMW engineer to come and take look at car, after they had the car for eight days they said they took care of problem by blowing it out and removing the oil and then replacing the oil. The car after less than a week has the same problem again. This will be the third and last time I will take the car back for this problem. I am already checking out LEMON LAW attorneys in the area. The car has 1,000 miles on it and I have driven a loaner more than my own car. At this rate I don't think BMW knows how to fix this problem When i went to the dealer and spoke the salesman that sold us the car he stated that ALL the X3's that they have sold have come back with this same problem. I don't know if you have received any different information, but I am not liking what I hear. Good luck to you.

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