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Originally Posted by pfbz View Post
Of course it depends on your state law, but deposits are actually pretty darn hard for a dealership to keep if you cancel an order, even up to the day you go in to pick up your car. As for the trade-in, it is not uncommon at all for them to give you an artificially high price on the trade and a lousy deal on the new car (like, for example, full list price -$500 that they offered you!) so I'm guessing they will have little interest in your car without a new car purchase. Did you already turn it in to them?

Might be a moot point, though. The dealer would need to have an unsold build slot in the next five weeks to even get a spec-built 2011 35d. With five weeks of production left, and the next two or three weeks builds probably too far along to change to your specs, that's a mighty small window for them to have an available build. Did they give you a production week and number?
I'm in California. I didn't sign any contract, but they took a $1000 deposit and I signed at the bottom of a form with all the features I wanted in the car. I need to go home and see if there is any fine print. Yes, they knocked off $500 MSRP on the car. They gave me more than what other dealerships were offering me for the trade in. They took possession of the trade in already, so can they make me take it back since I'm not buying from them? This salesperson is slick... I called and said I was getting better offers elsewhere and they said that everybody is lying. I don't know who to believe anymore. Two other dealers claimed they had 35d slots available... one had 2 slots, the other had 1. What do you think?
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