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Originally Posted by GSned View Post
method of piercing the insulation on the 2 lives and checked the voltage that way.
Thanks for the update (I was wondering). BTW, nobody yet, as far as I can tell, has "ever" reported that replacing the brake pressure sensor has solved the trifecta, despite many people (including me) reporting the code for it.

Originally Posted by GSned View Post
got my hands on a second hand module, fitted it and problem instantly sorted.
Good for you. In general, either the larger steel wire lifts off its gold bondpad (you check with a magnetized needle) or the angle-hair-thin gold wires flop about due to some sort of defect with the snot-like goop that's supposed to prevent that from happening.

Originally Posted by GSned View Post
I took the old module apart for a look.
We'd LOVE to see a picture of it!

Originally Posted by GSned View Post
I dont know how you would ever repair those tiny hair like wires
I think the only "repair" so far has been to separate them from touching and applying new goop to prevent them from flopping about.

- ABS control module autopsy (specific instructions necessary for a competent repair

Originally Posted by GSned View Post
Is there any reason why I should have the module coded?
Funny you should ask.

I think it's clear by some accounts that you "must" code the VIN; yet, by other accounts, it's not so clear what actually happens if you don't bother.

Here is the thread for you to add your experience to:
- What happens if you don't code the VIN into a new ABS module?

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