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Originally Posted by GSned View Post
the car runs a self diagnostic every 200 miles or so and if I were to leave the module as is then the car would detect something is wrong and all 3 lights would come back on!!!!!
I'm confused. Would the three amber lights (BRAKE/DSC/ASC) go back on or would something "else" happen as intimated in this thread:
- E39 ABS Module, what if one does not code the VIN

So far, we have highly inconsistent data points, but, what happens after 200 miles may also depend on the delta between:
  • The transmission coding (A or M) of the old module versus the new
  • The engine model & year coding of the old module versus the new
Originally Posted by GSned View Post
I will try post a pic of the old module although you mentioned the heavy guage wire in the middle, mine didnt have that and all wires were silver mine is the DSC111 Bosch 5.7
Please do post a picture!

Nobody is going to help us (or the next guy) except us together, as a team!

For that, every single bit of information is precious. Bill ripped open his friend's ABS control module, for example, as a sacrificial lamb ... and I had to (travel the Internet) go to Russia to find out about the steel wires!

- removing "snot-like" goo from ABS circuit board- Bluebee pls. read!

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