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early def warning

My Dealer did not know how to fill the upper passive tank (my sales person asked me how it was done) They would only fill the lower tank and as a result I got the low level alert after about 3000 miles? I've already notified BMW USA about the incidents. They did not respond to the event but I believe they probably sent out additional documentation to the dealers to take corrective action. I went to VW dealer and bought 2 jugs @2.5 gallons of DEF for less than $40.00, cut down the welded neck of a BMW bottle and loaded up the upper tank. The DEF is chemically the same but isn't shipped from Germany so its much cheaper to use. Just use eye protection and do it outdoors. Its a mild irritant so some of us would need to use rubber gloves and a clean funnel for transferring from VW jug to BMW fill bottle.
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