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Ok BlueBee. First off i feel like an idiot from the last post so i could understand your frustration. but i guess i have learned alot in these past couple of days about the abs module and the sensors. so this is what i have come up with. i put the DMM probe on my BMW and ran all the tests you suggested. but i came up with no readings, the DMM probe did not respond. so just to make sure i put it into diode mode and still nothing. i then change the wire gauge and put new electrical tape on the ends of it. and still nothing. at first i thought the DMM probe was defective but it proved me wrong when i put it on my battery and it read 12V. i then took off the rear tires and disconected both rear sensors and tested them at the base. i did not come up with anthing! i have swicthed both rear sensors the left rear with the right rear. i will drive it today and if it does not change im going to give it another try with the DMM probe just because i really dont want to have to replace the entire moudule. so i will get back to you thanks for your help
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