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DIY: BMW 650i / 645Ci / E63 / E64 Brake Pad and Rotors

Finally done! This turned out to be a much larger DIY than anticipated. I think I will create a "Readers Digest version" later for the more advanced DIY'er.

Yorgi's BMW 650i / 645Ci / E63 / E64 6 Series Brake Pad and Rotor Change DIY with Pics

Disclaimer: The creator if this DIY is not a BMW technician. This article is provided freely for entertainment purposes only and does not come with any warranty of any kind. Use the information in this article entirely at your own risk. Always wear eye protection while working on any car. NEVER work under a car that is hoisted by a hydraulic jack only. Failure to use jack stands or to use wheel chocks could result in serious injury or death. Ensure the car is on a level and stable surface.

The creator of this DIY disclaims all responsibility and liability for the content or accuracy of information provided in this DIY. No rights can be derived from the content of this DIY. The creator of this DIY disclaims all liability for direct or indirect loss of whatever kind and on whatever basis, due to the use of information provided in this DIY.

Pictures below show a 2006 650i convertible. The procedure for a 645Ci, 550i, 545i, E9x M3, and E6x 7 Series should be relatively the same. Part numbers are based on information available at time of article creation. Check with your dealer to ensure the correct parts are used for your application.

I try to create instructions with enough detail for the first timer DIY'er. The experienced DIY'er can probably make do with the pictures and bolded text only. If this is your first brake pad change it should take about 2 hours, an experienced DIY'er can probably finish in less than 1 hour, including removal and re-install of wheels.

Rear parking brake shoe replacement is not covered in this DIY since I have never seen a car which required new brake shoes.

Some pictures below show the brake calipers removed from the car which was possible since I was also installing stainless steel brake lines. Do not remove calipers during brake pad changes or you will have to bleed the brakes after the pad install.

A. REQUIRED Supplies - pre-purchase from the dealer or online:

Prices below are full dealer list in USD; you can find parts online for approximately 33% less than full list.

Brake Pads
FRONT for E63/E64 - BMW Part # 34116794913 or 34116767191 ($159) (JURID pads)
REAR for E63/E64 BMW Part # 34216768471 ($130) (Textar pads)

Brake pad wear sensors
The BMW TIS recommends replacing these during every brake job. You may break sensors on removal so it's a good idea to have a set on hand before you begin, even if you plan on re-using the sensors.
If your "BRAKE" light is lit on the instrument cluster you must replace the sensors.
FRONT LEFT - BMW Part# 34356789492 ($28)
REAR RIGHT - BMW Part# 34356789493 ($29)
NOTE for e9x cars (new 3 series) - you must install a new sensor if you wish to reset the Check Control mileage. After a reset with a slightly worn sensor the mileage will show as "------". You can temp install a new sensor, reset, then install the old sensor if you wish to reuse it.

BMW OEM Brake Pad Paste
BMW brand anti-squeal paste available at the dealer (great product) - Part # 81229407103 ($1)
Good alternatives:
GWR Ceramlub 2800 Purple
Permatex 24125 Ceramic Extreme Brake Lubricant

Brake cleaner spray

Copper or aluminum anti-seize paste

Good alternate brake pads:
See Yorgi's Brake Pad FAQ for aftermarket alternatives

NOTE: The E63/E64 use the exact same brake pads (front & rear) as the E92 M3. When searching for replacement pads you will find a much larger selection available if you search for E92 M3 pads. For whatever reason, most sites including Zeckhausen list a limited number of pads for the 6 series.
The front brake pad FMSI shape is D918 (HAWK pad shape is HB551)
The rear brake pad FMSI shape is D919 (HAWK pad shape is HB630)

B. OPTIONAL Supplies dependent on condition of existing components

Brake Rotors If required these are for 645Ci / 650i. 630i are different.
FRONT - BMW Part# 34116763824 ($180)
REAR - BMW Part# 34216763827 ($144)

Brake Rotor retention screws 1 per rotor
BMW Part# 34211161806 ($1)

Brake Caliper Piston Repair Kit (if dust boots or pistons are damaged) - 1 per caliper
FRONT - BMW Part# 34111163647 ($25)
REAR - BMW Part# 34216753682 ($40)

Brake Caliper Guide Pins - Replace if damaged
FRONT UPPER (shorter) BMW Part # 34111157041 ($20)
FRONT LOWER (longer) BMW Part # 34116757036 ($21)
REAR x2 per caliper BMW Part # 34111157041 ($20)

Brake Fluid may be needed to top up reservoir after pad install.
You can use any DOT 4 fluid. Ate Typ200 is a good choice.

Jack Pad
Before ordering brake parts, check your car to ensure all 4 jack pads are still attached to the car. These tend to fall off. If you are missing jack pads order them along with the brake pads.
FRONT JACK PAD BMW Part # 51718268885 ($15)
REAR JACK PAD BMW Part # 51717039760 ($15)

C. REQUIRED Tools for Brake Pad Change:

Floor jack
17mm deep socket
7mm hex socket with extension
(Allen head socket)
T25 Torx key for cabin air filter cover (removed for brake fluid reservoir access)
13mm socket for cabin air filter cover
8" or larger C-clamp
Large blade screwdriver or small pry bar
Small blade screwdriver
Coat hanger or other heavy wire
- to hang caliper on spring while working on pads
Brake rotor vernier caliper. OR micrometer with a range of 1"- 2".
Trouble lamp
Half-round metal hand file
Torque wrench capable of 88 lb-ft, 22 lb-ft and 12 lb-ft
Ratchet wrench for sockets
Rags / shop towels
Wheel chocks
Wire brushes for cleaning calipers and carriers


18mm socket required if changing rotors
6mm hex socket (Allen head socket) required if changing rotors


Mechanix Wear type gloves or disposable nitrile gloves
Impact drill or "cross wrench" for quick removal and install of wheel bolts
Disposable face mask filter to prevent inhalation of brake pad dust during cleaning of caliper
Rubber mallet to remove sticking rotors

Tightening Torques From the BMW TIS:
Wheel bolts: 120 Nm +/- 10 Nm (88 lb-ft +/- 7 lb-ft)
Caliper Carrier bolts: 110 Nm (81 lb-ft)
Guide Pins: 30 Nm (22 lb-ft)
Rotor set screw/retaining bolt: 16 Nm (12 lb-ft)

F. Before you begin:

Please be aware that mistakes made during brake pad replacement can result in catastrophic failure of the brakes. If you do not feel comfortable that you have the skills required to perform the steps below please leave your brake repairs to a qualified mechanic. Do not skip steps below that involve checking the condition of parts (rotors, sensors, guide pins). Failure to replace worn parts cold result in the failure of the braking system.

TIP: It is a good idea to pull one front wheel and one rear wheel to measure rotor thickness before you order new brake pads. This will allow you to add rotors to your order if necessary so you can complete both pads and rotors replacement at the same time. Also check your 4 jack pads to ensure none are missing.
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