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G11. Prep Brake pads for installation
OPTIONAL: To help prevent squeal use a metal file to gently round the outer edges of the pads. This helps prevent pad vibration due to sharp leading edges coming in contact with the rotor. No need to take a large amount of material off, just gently round the edges. See IMAGE #35.

G12. Apply Anti-Squeal Compound to Caliper and Carrier
Apply a thin coat of anti-squeal compound to the piston surface being careful not to get any on the rubber seal which can cause swelling.

Apply a thin coat of anti-squeal compound to the smooth surface directly across from piston (where the back of the outside pad comes into contact with the caliper) and to the caliper hammer heads - where the outer pad ears will make contact.

Apply a thin coat of anti-squeal compound to the caliper carrier at the pad contact points. Avoid getting paste on rotor. If grease gets on rotor, use brake cleaning spray to clean rotor.

TIP: If carriers were not removed for new rotor install, use masking tape to protect rotor from grease.

G13. Install brake pads and caliper
Push the inner pad, the one with 3 fingers on the back of the pad, into the piston. Push on the outer pad, with 2 fingers, onto the other side of the caliper.

With the new pads installed, push the caliper back onto the caliper carrier.

G14. Install Guide Pins and caps
Torque to 30Nm (22 lb-ft). Do not over tighten the guide pins and ensure they are clean before installing. Install the 2 plastic cover caps.
NOTE: the longer pin goes on the bottom of the caliper.

G15. Install brake pad wear sensor
The new sensor should have been plugged into the enclosure in Step G5. Take the green sensor end and plug it into the notch on the top of the inner brake pad. It may take some wiggling and force to get it to snap in fully.

G16. Install spring retaining clip
Position the two outer ends of the clip first then push firmly towards the back of the car on the middle of the clip to engage the lug. You can use the prybar to help push back the clip before inserting the lug. Once in place you can tap the clip with a rubber mallet to ensure it is fully seated.

G17. Apply Anti-seize to Hub if necessary
If you do not see silver or copper anti-seize paste on the center hub, apply a thin coating now before installing the wheel. See IMAGE #44.

G18. Install front wheel
Place the wheel on the hub and align the bolt holes. Reinstall the wheel bolts and hand tighten. Drop the car then torque each bolt to 120 Nm (93 lb-ft) in a star pattern. Failing to use a cross/star pattern can warp the wheel.

G19. Right front Brake Pad
Repeat Steps G1 through G18 for the front right wheel. There is no brake pad sensor to replace on the right front wheel.
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