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I. Pump brakes until the pedal gets hard before attempting to drive the car.

Retracting the pistons results in a soft pedal. Press the pedal several times with the car started until it becomes firm.

J. Check brake fluid level

For some reason BMW decided to bury the brake fluid reservoir under the left cabin micro filter. After the elimination of the oil dip stick, I think this is one of the most senseless design decisions found on late model BMWs.

J1. Remove the driver’s side cabin microfilter and cover.
Flip the long bar clip on the left side of the cover. Pull top of bar towards the front of the car.

Using a 13mm socket turn the plastic lock screw on the right side of the cover 45° counterclockwise then lift out the cover. The filter should come out with the cover.

TIP: Use a deep 13mm socket and turn by hand without attaching a ratchet. The plastic screws do not require much torque to turn.

J2. Pull the large rubber gasket in front of the air filter.
Simply lift it up and set it to the side all the way up to the middle point of the car. See IMAGE #62.

J3. Remove the center tray cover/clip
In the center of the engine bay by the windshield, there is a long plastic cover/clip that locks the two microfilter base plates together. Lift up on the locking lever and slide this large cover/clip to the right and remove it.

J4. Remove base plate Torx screw
Use a T25 Torx key to remove the base plate screw.

J5. Remove the microfilter base plate
Pull out the soft rubber cover to the far right of the base plate. It covers a gap between the base plate and the fender up by the windshield.

Turn the 4 plastic lock screws 45° counterclockwise then lift out the base plate to expose the white plastic brake fluid reservoir.

J6. Check the fluid level
Ensure the brake fluid is at the MAX line. If not add fluid as necessary. CAREFUL! Brake fluid is a very good paint stripper. Do not spill even a drop of fluid on the cars paint. Use rags/towels to prevent spillage of brake fluid.

J7. Replace the driver’s side cabin microfilter and cover.
Installation is the reversal of removal. Follow steps J5 back through to J1 to install the microfilter and cover.

K. Steps to Reset Brake Pad Check Control:

You can reset the Check Control brake service light with diagnostic software (e.g. CarSoft) or manually using the following steps.

• Perform the following steps quickly. A few seconds of inactivity between button pressing and the car will exit the Check Control reset mode. It may take some practice before you get the hang of it.
• There are two buttons involved and two types of pressing. “Press” means press and release the button. “Hold” means press and hold the button down until the display changes to the desired mode.
• Pictures below show mileage in kilometers, US cars will be in miles.

K1. Insert the remote key fob into the ignition lock

K2. Press the {Start/Stop Engine} button to put the car into “ignition on” mode. Look for all the warning lights to come on in the instrument cluster; it may take more than one press. (for manual transmissions make sure you are not depressing the clutch, for auto transmissions keep your foot off the brake)

K3. On the turn signal stalk, press the “CHECK” button repeatedly until you see the date displayed in the upper middle Check Control screen located between the speedometer and tachometer.

If you end up waiting too long and fall out of Check Control reset mode, start over at Step K3.

K4. Within 5 seconds of switching to the date in Step 3, hold the trip odometer “reset” button for approximately 5 seconds. An exclamation mark inside a triangle symbol will display followed by one of the 7 Check Control symbols (Check Control symbol varies).

You have now entered the Check Control reset mode.

TIP: If you see very small German text in the upper Check Control screen you held the reset button too long in Step 4 after the triangle symbol was displayed. Remove the key fob and start over at Step 1. Release the reset button immediately after seeing the first Check Control symbol that follows the triangle symbol.

K5. As soon as you see one of the 7 Check Control symbols, release the “reset” button and re-press it quickly multiple times to step through the various systems that can be reset. If the Check Control symbol has a bright red background then service is past due. Systems available for resetting are as follows:

In this case you want to stop cycling when you see a “front brakes” symbol.

K6. Once you have landed on the “front brakes” symbol, release the “reset” button and hold it for ~5 seconds until the text “RESET?” appears just below the “front brakes” symbol.

NOTE: IMAGE #76 shows the “Oil Can” symbol but you should be resetting the Front Brakes symbol.

K7. Release the “reset” button and hold it for another ~5 seconds. The red background will disappear and the “remaining distance (or date) until next service” will reset.

NOTE: IMAGE #77 shows the “Oil Can” symbol for reference only.

K8. Repeat Step 3 to Step K7 but stop on the “rear brakes” symbol. See IMAGE #75.

L. Bed in Brake Pads

This is a very important step. Bedding transfers a layer of pad material onto the rotor which is necessary for proper brake performance. It is critical to do this when rotors have been replaced or when you are changing to a new pad material.

If your pads did not come with specific bedding instructions, then follow the excellent instructions provided by Zeckhausen Racing here: Zeckhausen Racing Brake Bedding Instructions

Congratulations you are FINISHED. Clean up and go grab a beer.
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