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Originally Posted by spokelizard View Post
Aha, I guess I understand that.

But I thought BMW engine is designed for responsiveness, including quick acceleration and high revs. I don't think I'm getting anywhere close to the engine's capabilities when I do a freeway merge.

I do know I take an MPG hit, but that's worth it for a safe merge.
BMW designs the gear ratios for a wide range of speeds. Remember, this means acceleration and cruising up to the whole 232 km/h top speed. Often in the US, we can think that the spread is too wide when really, Americans don't (legally or often) go past 130km/h.

I thought that the ratios on my mom's 325i were too wide (they kind of are); 4th gear gets to 6000rpm at 200km/h (124mph) so really I only use 1-2-3 in hard acceleration. But 200 isn't really the "left lane" of the autobahn, more like......250 lol.

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