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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Just for the record, I doubt many of us would "recommend" replacing "just" the mechanical pulley ... but ... since the question came up recently here:
- Check my pulleys?

To be complete, you "can" replace just the pulley on the mechanical tensioner:
- What is the part number for "just" the mechanical tensioner pulley?

Dayco #89133

Also, you "can" replace your mechanical tensioner with a hydraulic tensioner:
- WHY would a hydraulic belt tensioner be any quieter than a mechanical belt tensioner?

More information about the mechanical tensioner spring is here:
Originally Posted by 16valex View Post
The tensioner spring will out last three pulleys. Just get the pulley, put a couple drops of Tri-flow lub, you are as good as new
And, for the bearings themselves, look here:
Originally Posted by WagonTheDog View Post
An interesting discussion on bearing grease:

I didn't drill down and identify the actual bearing by part number, I just spoke to a friend of mine in industrial sales who advised me that one of these two mfgs would definitely have it, or an equivalent:

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